6pm 25th June

Sub Bass Tropics

EthnoCyberFunk and EVENTS DELIVERED presents SUB BASS TROPICS at the Coast Hotel Friday 25 June. Bringing new clubbing vibes to Coffs Harbour. 6pm to midnight, limited capacity – get there…

9am 21st June

Make Music Day!

Coffs Coast celebrating Make Music Day as part of The Festival of Place. Monday 21 June, from morning to night A full day celebration of place, people and pride with…

2pm 24th April Book


ArtJam is the events equivalent of a collaborative work. It’s about sharing what you create, how you go about it and inviting the public to have a go. It’s a…


Join today and be a part of something bigger

Join today and be a part of something bigger

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12th Mar Coast


What happens when some of the northern hemisphere’s most creative, wicked minds feel that the current music festival scene had become bland & lacking in atmosphere? They create their own immersive festival utopia, where the boundaries of music, theatre, performance, celebration & community all bend & blur, culminating in what has become the labyrinth like rabbit hole known as ‘Boomtown Fair’. As they describe the event, it is ‘A living theatre that ignites imagination and inspires the emergence of a better world through connection, creativity and celebration.’ Since 2009, this epic award-winning festival has evolved & grown to a point where it is made up of 14 standalone immersive ‘city districts’ across a 550 acre event site – all creating...

Psychedelic Disneyland

With the global addiction to screens, it was inevitable that the analogue world would eventually fight back. After all, we are social apes that want to physically get together and experience something meaningful that we hope will evolve our species


Hot Desks for creatives

As creatives, we know that working from home can be disruptive, distracting, uninspiring and even a little lonely! Our friends at Coast Agency would like to offer a little comfort…


The BlackLight Story

As we assembled at the Red-C Events venue in June 2020, people glanced around the room to see who they knew. It’s strange to think how seldomly representatives of the…


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